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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 369: Operational Report: 10/12/42

The Sealion tries to rid us of a Japanese sub chaser, but only gets a hit with a dud torpedo.

The Gato has the same problem with the destroyer she finds.

Tarawa gets its daily delivery of bombs.

Then the Sealion has another crack, and gets another dud torpedo.

We have a very good day over Darwin, taking out three planes with no losses on our own side.

The improved antisub patrols continue to do their job, as more hits on Japanese raiders off the coast of America are claimed.

The Japanese forces at Kiantu launch an attack on our forces, and are cut down in droves by our men.

We follow this with a might attack of our own, this falls on the disorganized Japanese forces and butchers them in huge numbers.

I'm not sure what had happened to my sub patrols, but the moment I reorganized them, they seemed to start working fine. Most of the fronts seem to be quiet at this time, as we're having to rest up troops or move things around.

Even more troops being sent to Tokyo eh? Well, that's either a new offensive being planned, or they really think I'm about to invade the mainland.