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Part 37: Operational Report: 12/01/42

The enemy continue to bomb the defenders of Manilla overnight, but only inflict minor damage.

The daytime bombing is much heavier and more deadly, but most of the damage is to a couple of motorboats in the harbour and the already crippled port and airfield, with few casualties amongst the defenders.
The enemy takes Cagayan today in a brutal assault, they do not take the port as easily as some the other bases that they have taken.

Clark Field sees some more sporadic fighting today, but it seems that a large part of the enemy force are resting today.

The Invasion of Ambon has begun. The defensive guns put up a good amount of fire, and hit the ship unloading the troops several times, and its thought that the troops aboard have suffered heavy casualties.

The enemy Carriers continue to move towards Soerabaja, raiding one of the convoys we have going through the area.

It might be time to see about reforming Task Force Z and going hunting.

A freigher apporaching Port Moresby is sunk, I hope to god that this was not the one carrying the P40's. Who should be arriving any day now. That would be incredibly unlucky for us.

The Trout makes up for the other quiet submarines, but the curse of the dud torpedoes is not yet passed. Despite by threatening to load all the designers into the tubes if its not sorted soon.

S-41 attempts to attack a enemy ship on the surface, but the return fire forces the sub to dive while on fire.

The seawater puts out the fire, and the ship is able to come around and strike the ship again at dusk, this time the torpedo explodes, and the S-41 gets its revenge.

The Chinese army comes under attack on a new front today, but manage to hold the enemies attack off and inflict some casualties on them.

A number of ships lost today, and we've not had a confirmed kill in five days.

The cruiser task force has been sent carrier hunting, if they can't find it, then their going to get the hell out of the area to avoid getting sunk.

My worry over the lost ship at Port Moresby was unfounded, the transport ships are still a good way away, and the ship sunk was only a supply ship.