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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 370: Operational Report: 11/12/42

The Albacore continues our run of dud torpedoes.

Our forces arrive at Merauke, and begin landing troops there.

There seems to be a carrier in the area, as we are quickly attacked by Kates.

Their second wave hits the Republic hard, causing many casualties amongst the men aboard her.

At Shortlands, our 6th Australian Calvary brigade has made its advance, and begins its attack on the well fortified Japanese defenders.

The men at Tarawa must all be deaf by now.

While the Humphreys finds a minisub far away from any other land mass.

Another raid on Darwin is sent packing, with many of their planes never making it home.

We attack Wuhu once more, and continue to grind down the enemy forces there.

We also continue our attacks at Kiangtu, and cause more heavy casualties on the Imperial troops.

Our men at Akyab are going to need about a week of resting it would seem, and now our forces at Kiangtu also need some time off, so things are going to get even quieter. The carriers are about halfway to Pearl, so once they are there, I'll start loading for the assault on the Marshall Islands.

We get another Escort Carrier, this one able to use two squadrons of planes, rather than the one squadron our other three can carry. This is off to Pearl Harbor, along with the battleship Indiana, the cruiser Cleveland and a destroyer – more firepower for the assaults.