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Part 372: Operational Report: 13/12/42

Tarawa continues to get hammered. But this is not news to you.

The ships at Merauke get hit again, and it looks like none of them are going to come back from this attack.

The Kate's come in an attack again, and another ship is left burning.

There is also a sighting of planes from the Zuiho over Shortlands.

At Guadacanal, we continue to grind the Japanese defenders down.

So the first aviation support unit arrived at Shanghai yesterday and I forgot to mention it, is only a small unit, with 9 support, but it seems to be enough to get our bombers to make an attack, even if it is a pan Chinese attack.

There is a Japanese offensive in the north, our men near Mangan are forced back into the city with losses of 750 men. They also attack Tatung, but our men hold their ground.

Wuhu is our counter-offensive in the south, but this is slow going.

At Akyab, we have our best day yet, with the Japanese resistance crumbling fast.

Come on men, a few more days like this and they'll crack like an egg!

Another holding day, but Akyab is continuing to look better and better. The carriers are in the wide open sea, and its going to be another week before they reach Pearl and the attacks on the Marshall Islands can be planned, I may also hit Finscaven at the same time, but the carrier in the Dutch East Indies is giving me pause.

The only other thing to add is it looks like the bombers at Sinyang are slowly getting repaired now, so the Strategic bombing may start up once more soon. The unit with 100 Aviation support points is 203 miles out still – so they still have more ground to cover before things really get moving.