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Part 373: Operational Report: 14/12/42

The Trusty makes an attack on a freighter off Malaya, she manages to put two live torpedoes into her in an exercise of frivolity.

The Betty's return to our troop ships, this should be the last day of unloading troops, so the survivors should be heading off today.

Although these Kate's are a far more deadly threat.

The carrier crews have no trouble in turning them around and making two attacks a day on our forces either.

At Guadalcanal, the enemy carriers strike at our port, but can only cause minimal damage.

Here is today’s Tarawa report.

At Darwin, the enemy sends in a wave of Kate bombers, and we bring down their planes in large numbers.

Up near Canada, our anti sub patrols drive off another Japanese sub, but cannot report any hits on her.

The Imperial army attempts another attack on Nanking.

We send some of the remnants in the south running today, not with the number of casualties I would like, but at least we're cleaning up the south.

The Japanese forces have a good day at Akyab, and once more swing the kill rate into their favor.

The men at Akyab need more time to rest up, they are disrupted once more, and some of the units have 80 points of fatigue. The rest of China is going well, and the bombers at Shanghai are repairing at a nice rate now.

It'll be a small raid, but I think I'll order an attack on Japan tomorrow. Just to let them know we can keep doing it.

The 18th Machinecannon company sounds impossibly manly unit to be attached to.