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Part 376: Operational Report: 17/12/42

The Japanese miss one of the refuellers that I'm currently using on fuel transport.

Tarawa gets another pasting.

We strike at Kure, but once more our bombers are unable to hit anything of value.


I really wish that these guys would follow their orders to take their damaged asses back to Sydney. They have no cargo on board, but they refuse to move!

Shortlands gets a good pounding today, but they focus on the runways, not the troops.

This is a precursor to an invasion force landing at our main base.

North of Buna we have moved a force to push back a Japanese unit there, but they are much bigger than I thought, and outnumber our men.

At Merauke we continue to clean up the last enemy forces in the area.

The Japanese near the Mongolian boarder, the Japanese push back our forces, we really have split China into a north/south divide.

We continue to reduce the Javanese forces in the south.

The men at Wuhu need a few days to rest. They are continuing to make ground, but not as quickly as I'd like.

The Imperial army continues to make invasions, but its seems to be paying them off, this lull period is letting the Japanese pull ahead in their score.
The Yorktown and Wasp have reached Pearl, and the Enterprise is going to reach port tomorrow. So tomorrow is going to be the first day of leading troops.