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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 377: Operational Report: 18/12/42

Only six bombers make it over Hiroshima, but they manage to get a hit on the mainland industry.

Another six bombers at Nagasaki inflict the same damage, and also bag one of the defensive fighters.

The ships at Merauke must like being bombed, as they refuse to move.

The ground forces there continue their operations, at least we got them all ashore before the Japanese air force targeted the ships.

There is an attack on our forces to the south of Chuhsien, but we hold them off admirably.

We attack at Akyab once more, and its another bloody day, casualties are about even, but we're going to be able to absorb these much better than the Japanese forces.

A fairly dull day, we managed to hit the mainland again, and make some more ground at Akyab. It seems that 2 damage we caused to the heavy industry is worth 16 points – this is a good source of points, or will be when I have more than 12 bombers to throw at Japan.

Across the Pacific, men have begun to load onto their transports for the Marshall Island offensives. From Pearl to Suva to Sydney, thousands of men are being told to board their ships.
Things should be getting interesting in the new year.