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Part 378: Operational Report: 19/12/42

Today is going to be one of those days – full of bombs landing on Tarawa.

The Japanese send a large force at one of our task forces, this one picking up troops for the invasion of Finschaven.

The level bombers miss their targets, and we take no damage from the attack. This does not disuade them from trying again in the afternoon though, and this costs them a fighter.

There is a Carrier in the Gudalcanal area, we only get one plane up to face it, but it makes a good showing before being shot down.

We do well at Merauke as well, removing the remaining Japanese troops.

Today's attack on Japan gets the response I've been expecting since day one – three squadrons of Zeros!

The strike at Nagasaki is more successful, I may switch all attacks to this city tomorrow.

The Imperial Air Force finally combines their Betty and Kate raids at Darwin, this allows them to better protect them.

Or it allows us to combine our forces and gun them down in numbers.

God dam the Japanese subs and their ability to find my tankers!

The battle of Akyab continues to swing our way, the Japanese lose 10% of their forces in today’s fighting, and cannot take these losses for long.

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese forces are somehow convinced to launch an attack on a force four times their side.

That goes well for them.

Akyab is finally swinging our way after a long and bloody series of fights, We also do well in our other battles today, but most of the important stuff is happening off screen – the loading of massed enemy forces.

We lose a carrier from the lists today, which is a bit of a bugger.