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Part 379: Operational Report: 20/12/42


It seems that the Greyback has successfully interdicted a supply run to Rabaul – the constant running of this carrier task force must be draining the fuel reserves at some rate – the American carriers have taken all the fuel in Sydney, so something similar must be happening here.

The Japanese continue to make level bomber attacks on our troops loading.
They also sail their carriers into sight of Guadalcanal before launching their raid. We manage to bring down one of the attacking planes with a wall of flak.

While the lads on the ground continue to clash with the Japanese forces.

Tarawa gets a severe hammering today.

Don't worry lads, help is (finally) on the way.

The Japanese come in at Darwin again, and get seen off again.

Deep in Burma, one of our Divisions runs right into a major Japanese force, and is sent packing.

While we continue to hammer at the Imperial army forces at Akyab.

We counter attack at the area where we inflicted heavy losses of the Japanese yesterday, but we cannot make any real ground.

We push at Wuhu again, but the defenders there are well dug in.

We do much better when we strike at Kiangtu, where we are better prepared and have the more experienced troops.

We also catch up with the one upon a time Canton defenders, and send them fleeing west.

A good day in China, actually, its been a good day on the ground all around. Less that division in Burma who can't plot a path AROUND the large concentration of Japanese soldiers.

Beyond that and ordering a few more attacks, I have nothing else to plan this turn, oddly enough.