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Part 38: Operational Report: 13/01/42

Orphan Anne, Radio Toyko's attempt to destroy the morale of our troops was reporting this morning that they had sunk two carriers, a battleship and numerous cruisers and destroyers.

Their carriers met a tanker, and not one shot was fired before they disengaged. But at least we know that the Kaga is no longer part of this fleet, this goes a good way to supporting the idea that she was sunk last time.
Later in the day, they sink two Tankers moving fuel down to Austraila.

The enemy really goes for it in hammering Kuantan today, but the two fighters, and the terrible weather prevent them from doing any damage to our facilities. Five further raids of similar size and no CAP protection also fail to do any noticeable damage, the heavy clouds making it hard for the enemy to make out their targets.

Port Moresby is also raided today and we lose another two cargo ships to the enemies Betty bombers.

The SS Permit, a new sub to the theatre, makes its debut this afternoon, hitting a Jap transport off the coast of Mindanao, apparently the Captains running joke of “You do not have a permit to sail here.” has already caused three crewmen to ask for a transfer.

I'm getting fed up with I-10's antics off Australia, and will look into increasing the number of Anti Submarine Warfare units in the area.

Another Carrier force hits one of our transport convoys, sinking two of the cargo ships and damaging one of the escorting destroyers. I can't remember what this convoy's cargo is, but I'm hoping it was not to valuable.

A return visit in the afternoon nets the enemy the destroyer McCall

Although I will have to check later, I'm sure Wagner has been in the air again, as one P-40 shoots down three enemy aircraft and makes it away from them unharmed.

A later raids does us some more serious damage, as the Shark and Perch are sunk in harbour along with another three motorboats. Why these subs continue to use this harbour is beyond me. Its turning into more of a death trap for our subs than the enemy destroyers!

While the enemy bombard Manila, casing about 100 casualties, they try and push hard again at Clark Field, and pay for it.

Yet another battle begins in China today, as two relativity equal forces clash near Pucheng.

We come off slightly better, but have more out of commission units by the days end.

That was a terrible day, the 31 planes destroyed on the field means that that convoy intercepted in the South Pacific was carrying several squadrons of fighters desperately needed in the Dutch East Indies. I had protected them from sub attacks, but nothing could protect them from running into the enemies carriers.

The list of sunk ships does not make easy reading either.

On the plus side, Wagner is now our greatest pilot by far – nearly doubling his nearest rivals kills.

The longer we can keep this man in the air the better.

The japs are giving us another go at their carriers, and I intend to take it, as well as TF302, I've thrown together every ship mounting guns in Soerabaja to go help.

Key to this force is the Soerabaja

while I may be a little rusty in my conversions, 28cm is roughly 12” guns, giving her some punch. I don't expect them to do much damage, but if they can get a few hits in it may become crucial later. As the sinking of the Bismark showed, one hit in the right place can shift a battle immensely.

Someone asked for a bit more information on political points.
You get a set number of these a turn, but can lose them by not withdrawing units when told to, checking my list of planes, I have a number of bombers that I need to sent to the Western front right away.

For these planes, the only option is to disband and lose the pilots and planes (their needed elsewhere.) I also have a large number of P-39's that need to be removed in the next few weeks, as I can't get them from Seattle to anywhere useful in 17 days, I decide to withdraw them now. I'm given two options when I do so they first is to get the political points for them, the second is to add the planes and pilots to the pools.
There is something similar for ships, although its only the larger troop carriers I have to worry about.

Spending these points is done in a few ways, I can either transfer a unit to a different command, - normally from non front line areas like the west coast to formations I can actually use.

The other option is to replace Generals and Captains with better ones.

This is the new Taskforce that's going hunting for the Carriers, its commanded by Lieutenant Commander Lake. (As he's an Aussie, please pronounce that Leftenant, not not Lootenant. - pet peeve.)
Lets look at Lake shall we.

Oh dear, it seems that Lake is someone's nephew. He's a poor leader, inspires next to nothing in his men and is cautious – not what we're wanting here, at least he's not a poor commander as such, but we have someone better in port – Commander Abbott.

Abbott is a different kettle of fish, he's a better leader, nearly twice as inspirational and has a much better grasp of Administration and naval combat. He's also a very aggressive leader, and just right for this near suicide force.

So for the cost of 8 of my political points, TF187 gets a much better leader.

So, that's commanders and political points covered in more detail. Hope that's helpful to you all.