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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 380: Operational Report: 21/12/42

The day starts as normal with an attack on Tarawa.

Then I get a shock as a load of Dauntless's based off Pearl Harbor make an attack on a battleship and escorting cruiser!

How these ships got so close is beyond me, this is the first we've heard of them! A wave of Avengers spots them again, and the Nagato is still burning.

The level bombers come in for our loading troops again.

Then they strike the group with the carriers, which is much more successful.

Their afternoon attack is unable to get any more hits, but the damage is already done.

The battle for Guadalcanal continues.

The bombers hit Nagasaki today, but cannot get any worthwhile hits on the city.

The Japanese make an attack on Kiangtu, which we fend off.

Then we counter attack and make the disorganised enemy forces pay.

The forces that retreated from Tsingtao take Cefoo today.

The Imperial Forces at Akyab are coming apart in droves now, the end cannot be far away.

I have no idea where that battleship came from, but I'm going to send out the carriers to see if we can catch up with them and bring them down!
Once they are back in a few days, the loading of troops will be complete, and the invasion of the Marshall Islands can begin!