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Part 382: Operational Report: 23/12/42

Our carriers catch up with the Japanese destroyers, but they do so at night, and a fierce battle ensues.

The Japanese concentrate their fire on our escort carriers, but we drive them away.

Come day, the morning passes without any air attacks, but the scouts seem to have been successful.

At Tarawa, the day continues as normal.

Move level bomber attacks on our shipping.

These rely on luck to get any hits, but send enough planes, and you will get lucky.

We do another small amount of damage to the enemies industry today, which must be more of an annoyance than anything else.

The bombs that hit Nagasaki are more effective, but still nothing in the long term.

I moved some planes forwards to Akyab, this seems to have been a mistake, as every Japanese plane in the area seems to sweep the skies over our newly acquired airfield.

The Japanese attack Kiangtu again, and lose another 500 men trying.

They also attack in the south.

They send our men packing near Suchow, this force is to small to be a major worry, but having to retreat further south is a pain.

So I'm moving those planes back up from Akyab, I don't have the fighters in the area to deal with that number of enemy planes.
The fleet carriers continue the hunt, while the damaged escort carriers are returning to Pearl.

That's a few days of repairs.

EDIT: wow, 3 wrong images, I had a bad day when I wrote this one it seems.