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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 383: Operational Report: 24/12/42

We find and make an attack on a Japanese sub off the Canadian coast.

Dear men at Tarawa. Stop. Help still coming. Stop. Had mild battleship problems at Pearl. Stop.
Hope you are well. Stop. Yours. Stop. PACOM. Stop.

We finally hunt down and sink the Agano, further reducing the size of the Imperial fleet.

The enemy come in to Akyab, making sure that the runway is totally useless to him. We manage to bring down one of the enemy bombers with flack, but for now I have no interest in using that air base.

The next wave brings down another plane, having 60,000 men in the area really seems to help.

They really seem to have it in, as every bomber in the area seems to appear over the newly reconquered base.

The Japanese make another level bomber attack on our loading troops at Milne bay.

The men at Guadalcanal have a good day, but we need more of these.

The Imperial army launches another attack at Kiangtu.

We bring down another load of planes at Darwin, the Pilots here must be moving up the lists of top pilots rapidly.

And another Japanese cruiser bites the dust. I have to wonder what Santa will bring me tomorrow, seeing that I've already unwrapped my presents of Akyab, A battleship and a cruiser in the last few days.

Attacks on Hong Kong and Port Moresby are planned are they? Are these real attacks or pipe dreams? We'll just have to find out.