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Part 384: Operational Report: 25/12/42

Those blasted Japanese subs! Time to make a visit to all the anti submarine ships in the area, to see if they have bugged out as well as the West coast ships.

Akyab is hit again, and I'm not sure why there are planes on the ground here, they are all supposed to be in Chittagong.

The men of Tarawa are not only being bombed today, but rained on, to make their lives all the more intolerable. It seems that they have had to turn Santa away, as there is no place for the reindeer to land.

Lifes a bitch eh?

The level bombers make another attack at our troops loading at Milne Bay.

But these planes are not designed for an attack like this, so get no hits in this or the next raid.

Hiroshima is attacked again, but no damage reported.

The strike at Nagasaki trades a Liberator for more damage on the city.

The Japanese continue to attack a force much larger than theirs at Kiangtu, and continue to lose large numbers of men trying.

China has gone quiet, and I wonder why attacks on Hiroshima is being bombed still, when I ordered all planes to hit Nagasaki.
The troops loading at Pearl Harbor has been disrupted by that battleship raid, and one of the transports task forces have unloaded their troops, they will need another day before they are all off, then I have to reload them. This is annoying, as it costs me time.

I've found a load of mine layers with depth charges in the north of India, its a bit of a stretch to get them south, but I'm going to give it a go. Three more squadrons of Liberators have arrived in India as well, and are making the long journey to Shanghai. The unit with 99 points of aviation support is now 25 miles from the city, so this is going to help a large amount.
I've reworked all the anti sub patrols in the Colombo area, so we'll see if that makes any difference.

I hope you all have a merry Xmas, and that you don't have to much in the way of turkey poisoning to deal with.