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War in the Pacific

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Part 385: Operational Report: 26/12/42

Tarawa gets no relief on Boxing Day, and the airfield is further cratered.

The Japanese make another level bomber attack on our ships at Milne Bay, and once more get no hits.

These attacks must be burning large amounts of supplies. The carrier based planes make the next attack, and these land a hit on the Leander.

They then hit Shortlands, and damage the runways there, but a large number of their planes are damaged.

Then 48 Kates attack our loading ships, only the Ornistoni is badly damaged, but the casualties amongst the troops are light.

The Imperial Air Force hits Akyab again, and our massed flak batteries bring down another plane and prevent any real damage to the airfield.

The Japanese forces in Nanking try another attack, but gain no ground.

We attack at Wuhu, and do decent damage to the enemy.

The men at Milne bay need to get moving, or that carrier is going to rape them. I've ordered them off now, and its time to hope that the enemy at Finschaven are not ready for this attack.
The last task force at Pearl is reloading. The carriers will be back soon, and the escort carriers will be repaired in 2 days. So a New years day invasion is off, but we can hope for a good January.

Here is Shanghai, the three new squadrons bring 30 new planes to the area, we're slightly over stacked, but the airfield is being expanded as we speak.

As you can see, the aviation support is low, but 9 miles away is another 99 points, bringing us to 110, and to full capacity!

See, I can plan long term!