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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 386: Operational Report: 27/12/42

We drive off a submarine near San Fransisco, no hits are reported, but at least the Captain knows that the West Coast is no easy target.

Our ships pursue her, and get a near hit, but are soon out of depth charges, bringing the attack to a halt.

It seems that all my ASW patrols have bugged out, as the day after I reset all their patrols at Ceylon, we get attacks on an enemy submarine!

Tarawa gets a especially heavy hammering today, with nearly two hundred bombs hitting the airfield.

The ships at Milne Bay are attacked again, the level bombers are little threat, but they continue their attacks.

Six waves like this come in, but none can land any hits on our ships.
The carrier sails near to Guadalcanal once more and attacks the airfield there, we manage to get three planes into the air, and get a kill even though our forces are massively outnumbered by the Japanese.

Some of our troops have marched into Indochina (now Vietnam), and engage some Japanese there.

In the north of China, there is a large formation of eighty thousand Japanese which is causing trouble for our men in the region.

Near Chuhsien we make another attack on the Japanese forces, we have the numerical advantage here, so we need only grind down the Japanese forces.

The anti submarine network is getting a complete overhaul, which is taking me some time, but something that seems to be worthwhile. The forces moving into Indochina are there the draw off more Japanese troops.

The air support unit arrives in Shanghai today, and have immediately repaired half of the 60-odd planes that were damaged in the city! The Shanghai Express is back on the rails and ready for action now.

Thank god, the net has been out at my parents place for the last few hours, and I've been having kittens!