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War in the Pacific

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Part 387: Operational Report: 28/12/42

The Canadian subhunters drive off the I-1 again.

The Haddock is one of several subs hunting off Japan, hopefully the others have working torpedoes.

The Japanese seem to dislike my work on the anti-sub patrols, and make an attack on the one outside Calcutta – Although using level bombers is less than sucessful.

Deep in Burma, the 70th Division drive a small Japanese force back, and will now wait for the other units in the area to form up with them.

The Canberra has not moved north with the rest of the invasion force, and is hit hard by the attacking planes from those thrice dammed carriers.

The northern fleet is attacked as well, but they are under the protection of our fighters from Port Moresby, and while we lose some planes to the massed enemy escorts, we don't take any damage – the use of level bombers again probably helped.

This is followed by the Rabaul Lily squadron, which is also ineffective against our fighters and moving ships.

Then the carrier based planes come for our main troop ships, and things get bloody.

At Guadalcanal, we have a good day and are starting to bring the last of the Japanese defenders to heel.

The Imperial air force make another visit to Darwin, and we make sure they regret it once more.

The Japanese make yet another attack on our troops on Nanking.

We also see an attack at Naning, on the Indochina border, which turns into a fairly brutal day.

Our counter attack goers poorly with the enemies superiour numbers, but our loses are not to bad.

South of Chuhsien, we make another attack, and the Japanese are hurt badly – not many casualties, but many squads destroyed.

We hammer them at Kiantu as well, but mostly disable many of their units.

We also hunt down one of those remaining Japanese forces in the Hong Kong/Canton area.

Our forces in Indochina send the Japanese fleeing back towards Hanoi, but only about one in five of their number makes it away from our troops and to the city.

That was a bloody day in China, well, a bloody day all around really. Its odd how everything kicks off at once, we'll be back to a few quiet days after this no doubt. For some reason we lost 500 points today, which is a blow, this may be a combination of ship losses and troop losses, its only in planes we come out ahead today.

The loss of another cruiser is a blow, sorry Royal Navy fans.
In Akyab, I move as many men as possible to Burma command, many are restricted Indian units, but this should help a deal. That is the limit to my plotting for the day.