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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 389: Operational Report: 30/12/42

The Japanese make more attacks on the port of Akyeb, but our flak guns bring down one of our planes in a minor victory for us.

This is followed by at least ten raids of various sizes, each one inflicting a couple of points of damage to the port.

We detect a Japanese invasion force near Milne bay, and make an attack on it, but are unable to get any hits.

The Imperial Air Force makes another attack on our troops at Finschhafen.

Five more waves of level bombers come in, but they are unable to do any damage to our ships, nor are we able to shoot down any of their planes.

The 32nd Infantry Division at Guadalcanal continues to keep the pressure up on the now exhausted Japanese 38th Division.

We make an attack on the light industry in Nagasaki – this is what produces supplies for the
Japanese. The bombers spend a good amount of time approaching their targets, but don't seem to drop any bombs.

Once more, this is followed by a second raid, which also misses all its targets.

The Japanese continues to make another attack on Kiangtu, which costs them another six hundred men.

We then counter attack once more, and kill another thousand. I know our men are disrupted, but the Japanese continuous attacks prevent them from resting up and reorganizing, so I may as well keep up with the attacks to bring this battle to a close all the earlier.

They make an attack at Nanning as well, which results in another brutal day of fighting.

In the north, near Mongolia, the Japanese superstack continues to grind down what is left of our forces in the area.

China in the south continues to go well, and I have come to the the decision that we need to do at Sinyang what we did at Akyab, make the regular attacks on the smaller foe until they break, no matter what the casualties! This will be the bloody, and hopefully final, stage of this long running battle. For the sake of time keeping and symbolism, the first major attack will occur on New Years Day, to give the Japanese an idea of the year that they have ahead.

The other news is the invasion fleets are all heading out into the seas, soon Japan will feel my might!
I mean the might of the Allies. Yes, the Allies.