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Part 391: Operational Report: 01/01/43


What a way to start the New Year! Well, at least I know that there is a Japanese carrier in the region that I am sending my entire carrier force and a huge number of troops into.

The Japanese launch more level bomber attacks on the troops unloading at Finschhafen.

Another ten raids come in, then this happens.

Huh? How did they sink a ship without hitting her? SABOTOURS! That's the only answer!

Guadalcanal continues at its pace.

The Japanese make an attack on the airfield at Chuhsien. This is one of the base which I moved the shorter range Chinese bombers to to allow full repair on the Shanghai Express.

The Japanese attack Nanking once more, and we hold them off once more.

Nanning goes badly for us once more, this large stack of Japanese forces is chewing up our men, its time to order the retreat from this city.

There is more fighting at Kiangtu, but we come out ahead in the number of squads destroyed.
In Indochina, our men reach Hanoi, and quickly send the few Japanese troops stationed there packing.

I set our bombers to hit the port, and they get Hiroshima's repair yards – something that I'll take. That's one battleship that will be out a little later than before – even if it is just a day.

The second wave runs into more Nates, and fails to hit any targets.

A New Year dawns. We miss the chance to sink a carrier, and take a City. As mentioned before, I'm now ordering the troops at Sinyang to attack tomorrow, I did mean to do it today, but forgot.

The Japanese are moving a lot of troops around it seems.

That brings the month and the year to the end. And its been a long and bloody year, and next year looks to be even worse.

As you can see, the Japanese have had a good month, the difference in score has increased by a thousand points in the Japanese favour! This is from a steady flow of points in their favour every day, and a couple of large jumps. Here is a little graph showing how the difference in score has changed over the war.

We did well a few months ago, but the situation in northern China has stabilized over the last few months, with us holding the south and them holding the north.

The number of bases they control has stayed stable for the last few months, but the value of the bases we control has dropped rather rapidly in the last few days.

The ground pounders have Bourne the brunt of the fighting this month, with our own losses running to 1216 points, or 9.5% of the wars losses, and the Japanese have lose 880 points worth of troops, or 6.9% their wartime losses.

On the seas, we have lost 21 ships, and the Japanese have lost 20, although, as usual, a number of these are from ships confirmed sunk from previous months.

The value of ships sunk has had a nice jump for us this month, but has mostly stayed stable.

The air losses continue to go in our way, the Japanese has lost nearly twice the planes that we have.

Finally, here are the files, for anyone who wants them.