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War in the Pacific

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Part 392: Operational Report: 02/01/43

The I-1 seems to like its position off Vancouver, but it also seems to like firing torpedoes at our sub hunters and missing.

The first invasion force reaches the Marshall Islands, a day later than would have been dramatically acceptable, but not to bad. The Japanese defenders are shocked by the fire of the battleships and other warships that arrive on their shore, and then try and prevent our men from landing on the island of Nauru.

The Japanese react to this with an attack of torpedo bombers, and a hit is made on the Resolution.

Their afternoon attack slams three torpedoes more into the Resolution and one into the Ramillies

Another attack hits the Prince of Wales, but I failed to get any screens.
This to to late for the defenders, the fire from the battleships having killed or wounded half of the defenders, the troops swarming ashore quickly police up the rest of them, and the island is soon ours.

The carrier we spotted yesterday today makes an attack on Eniwetok, we take one of the Kates as a prize.

Akyab is attacked by a large Japanese force, the Hurricanes we get into the air and the ground based flak are able to damage a large number of enemy planes, but cannot bring any down. We also lose two planes trying.

Around Ceylon, the I-171 gets a bit vindictive on the Pasha.

There is a large raid on Finschhafen, I get worried when I see the Betty's, but somehow our ships come out without a scratch.

At Guadalcanal, we lose three tanks and make good ground on the Japanese defenders.

The men at Finscahhafen make another attempt at the Japanese defenders, but they are to strong, we will not be able to break these with the men we have in the area. Just as well there are reinforcements incoming from Sydney.

The Shanghai express hits the Port of Hiroshima, but only cause minimal damage from the 48 planes that make the raid.

There is another bloody day in Nanning. The men have been ordered to leave the city, but they may be forced to retreat before then.

In the north, one of our few remaining forces is decimated by the Japanese super stack operating in the area.

We are also sent packing from Pengpu, as a small but efficient Japanese force makes their attack there.

South of Chuhsien, we make an attack at the pocket of enemy troops there.

We attack at Kiangtu once more, keeping the pressure up on the Japanese there.

Our attack at Sinyang kicks off, and as I expected, we take heavy losses. We have to break this deadlock, so I'm committing myself to at least a week of attacks.

That was a mixed day, we have taken our first island, but lost ground in China, and we have also taken some damage to our battleships, who will need to retreat back to Sydney right away for repairs.

As soon as I make this task force, I realize that the Resolution will never make it. I put her back into the main force, hopefully her crew can patch up the damage before she sinks.