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Part 401: Operational Report: 11/01/43

The sub patrols off Ceylon drives off another Japanese sub.

Our forces in central Burma mount an attack on the Japanese forces facing them and send them fleeing.

The Haddock finds a lone Japanese tanker and makes a surface attack one her. Once she is in range of her deck gun, hitting her with torpedoes is easy. Unfortunately the tanker is armed, and the Haddock has to submerge before confirming the kill.

That's one less tanker to worry about, I'd say.

God dam those defences guns. The Mili invasion force engages another naval fortress, and takes some heavy damage doing so.

The troop losses are what are to be expected with only a few days of planning.

Those guns continue to fire, and the damage mounts. I'm dreading the insurance claims from this invasion.

The Bettys go out and hunt our ships once more, but for once we have some CAP up, and the small enemy force turns back before making any attacks on our shipping.

Another wave meets the same fate.

Flee! Flee you cowards!
Our own bombers hit the airfield at Maleolap, destroying some more Betty's. If only they had done this at the start of the invasion.

Then men on Mili have a hard fight ahead of them, as they storm ashore.

The Beuforts find one of those freighters, and manage to get a torpedo hit! I know I should be less surprised, but this really is an oddity.

Darwin gets attacked once more, as the Japanese seem to enjoy throwing away their planes here.

A quiet day for ground combat today, after the bloody week we've just had, we've also started to reduce the Japanese airfields in the Marshall Islands, finally.
I just hate Naval Fortresses.

That's going to cost me. But its mainly less dangerous systems damage, rather than engine or floatation damage.

Mwha ha ha! That looks nice though, and its been confirmed through the ops report as well. And she was full of oil as well.

Edit. sorry, posted yesterday again today. Migraine make Grey Hunter do silly things.