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Part 402: Operational Report: 12/01/43

The Japanese are still unloading forces at Chefoo, they take a few casualties each day, but today’s losses are much heavier – there are more like this, totalling around 750 men!

To the south of Chuhsien, our forces come under attack, but hold well.

To the east, we launch our own attack, which is bloody, but effective.

At Kiangtu, our attack does not go well, but we do reduce the enemy fortifications in the area.

For some reason, our forces make an attack at Kiukiang. This has been a stable front for a while now, and I check it occasionally. I must, during last nights migraine and attempt to make this turn, have decided to attack!

Well, I may keep this up for a few days, to see if we can wear them down and free up these troops.

The Finschhafen force is attacked numerous times once more, and the Japanese manage to get some more hits on our ships.

We see over a hundred planes attacking our ships over the course of the day.

Our Beuforts repay the favour however, hitting the Glasgow Maru.

The carriers come under attack, its a worrying minute for me, but the Betty's that the CAP don't deal with, the flak gunners on the carriers do.

Two more Lillies are spotted, and shot down, even though this report only claims one of them.

Our Dauntlesses find another Japanese cruiser, we only get one hit, but it seems to be an important one.

Their afternoon attack comes in, and they lose more planes. They seem to be running low on Bettys now, as attrition finally comes into effect. Finally.

Our forces at Mili continue to fight against the Japanese forces, but there are still not enough troops ashore.

The Marshall Islands seem to be all but under control now. The numbers of enemy planes is dropping quickly, and our losses seem to be stabilizing.
Not that I'm going to be claiming this as a glorious victory, as we have lost a huge number of warships during the campaign, and its not over yet.