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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 403: Operational Report: 13/01/43

The Canadian sub hunters find and drive off another Japanese tin can.

Two new squadrons of Betty bombers are spotted over Finschhafen. They are using bombs rather than torps, and only manage to get one hit on our ships.

Our carriers come under attack once more, but all five Kates sent against us are shot down.

Our own Dauntless's spot the burning Chokai and make an attack, but fail to add any more damaged to the ship.

A few of the remaining Betty's make an attack in the afternoon, and we take one of them down.

We also make a second attack on the Chokai, and this one is much more successful. There are at least 5 other raids that cannot find their target over the course of the day.

Some Avengers do find the ship though, and add a torpedo to the damage tally.

The men who have landed one Mili need some time to rest and reorganize, their attacks are not doing any good.

We continue the attacks at Kiangtu, which is turning into a much longer battle than I expected it to be.

We also make another day of attacks at Kiukiang, and take extremely heavy losses. Time to call this one off as well.

A fairly quiet day. The Japanese air power in the Marshall Islands seems to have been broken now. Which should make mopping up the last islands a much easier task. Although we have lost a large number of ships from damage previously received in battle.

It seems that I'm not losing enough ships. Oh look, I also got a LCI and a LST today, so the fancy toys are starting to arrive.