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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 404: Operational Report: 14/01/43

The O21 makes an attack on Japanese supply ships.

While the KXIV finishes off the Glasgow Maru, which we hit with a dive bomber a couple of days ago.

The Japanese send in fairly large bomber raid in, but from somewhere, we pull out a great defensive CAP.

These fighters make all the difference, and it is soon raining Japanese planes.

The Japanese guns on Mili make a good go once more at sinking our troop ships.

The few remaining Bettys come out once more, and we whittle down their numbers.

They even bring out the planes they have been using to raid Mili to strike at our carriers, but we drive them off.

Dam you! I said no attacks today!

The Shanghai Express takes to the air once more, and although they cannot hit their target, they do claim on of the defending planes.

The Japanese counter attack at Kiukiang, and take some heavy losses.

They also attack our forces at Nanning, preventing them from fleeing once more.

After losing several thousand men unloading on the beaches, the Japanese finally have enough men to launch an attack on Chefoo.

We are attacking in the south. Near Chuhsien we make some good ground.

The Japanese attack our troops outside Akyab, but despite being outnumbered ten to one, our men hold them off with ease.

The main force is coming up, but they are moving extremely slowly, as there is no road or bridge across the river, once they reach this hex, the advance south should be much quicker.

Now we're just waiting for the bulk of the troops to reload before we can take the remaining Marshall Islands.

We're still haemorrhaging ships, but at least there are a couple of Japanese ships on there today, including a heavy cruiser.

And for those of you arguing about the War in Russia - Save it for the WITE LP! this is the pacific!