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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 405: Operational Report: 15/01/43

The Flying Fish fires off the regulation full spread of torpedoes, and is amazed when all four hit, and three of them explode!

While the ships unloading supplies to Mili continue to come under fire.

A Japanese mini sub is spotted inside Pearl Harbor!

This is soon followed by a much larger vessel.

Our carriers are low on both fuel and supplies, and are returning to Pearl, but they can still deal with the Japanese planes in the area.

They continue to reduce the enemy numbers on what is most likely their last day in the area.

It seems that our possession of Chefoo is intolerable for the the Japanese, as they send yet more troops and a cruiser to the city.

They also launch an attack on Kiangtu, which we send off once more.

But at Nanning, we send our men fleeing, but at least they are out of the area.

Our attack near Chuhsien is fairly successful, we lose more men, but they lose more squads.

The skies over Finschaffen see more combat, but the Japanese even the odds by sending more fighters out today.

These waves are fought off, but they are numerous. Many more than I can report here.

The Shanghai Express makes another unsuccessful run over the shipyards of Nagasaki.

Time to switch targets to the heavy industry for a while.

Our forces deep in Burma come under bomber attack today.

Hmm, a scattered day, but we're continuing to bring down Japanese planes in droves. So far this month, they have lost over 200 planes. We got that ship that was torpedoed three times.

The Japanese seem to be sending even more troops to Chefoo.