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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 406: Operational Report: 16/01/43

With out carriers gone from the Marshall Islands, the remaining Japanese planes make attacks on our troops ships.

They also hit another of our bloody battleships.

The Bettys go for our Finschhafen transports once more, but luckily they are still using bombs.

These planes are followed by wave after wave of Japanese level bombers.

Darwin is attacked by fighters only, which is an off move as they are massively outnumbered.

It seems they outpaced their bombers, who come in without fighter support, and flee before making any bombing runs.

The Shaghai Express makes another attack, but fail to hit anything.

The Japanese continue to unload men at Chefoo, and their losses are heavy, nearly 1,500 men are lost unloading, many more than our defenders could hope kill though combat alone.

Not that their not going to give it their best shot however.

We attack Kiangtu once more, and cause the Japanese a good amount of damage.

After the madness of the last week, things are quietening down a bit, but I could have done without that hit on the North Dakota.

That's going to take some time to repair.