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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 407: Operational Report: 17/01/43

The Henderson takes the brunt of the 15cm guns at Mili today.

Then the force that invaded Rio-Namaur sail into the teeth of the Kwajalien Naval fortress, and are once more hammered by ferocious fire.

This fire doesn't stop our men coming ashore of course, and we can only hope they can storm that fortress quickly.

Its all to late for the poor, poor Sage Brush.

I wish the Wotje forces would get moving, I want the other runway taking out as quickly as possible.

We do land forces at Jaluit, but yet another coastal fortress slows our advance!

The men ashore tun into fierce enemy fire, and take heavy losses.

The troops at Kwajalien make their attack, and while the losses on both sides are light, one unit is destroyed, please let it be the naval fortress!

The Greyback makes a surface attack, but also has two dud torpedoes.

The bombing Bettys return for another run at Finschhafen, but are unable to make any hits.

That Japanese carrier task force once more sails right up to Guadalcanal before making their attack, but beyond the loss of a defending plane, the damage is minimal.

The Shanghai Express finally hits the enemys light industry, this is what produces the all so valuable supplies, so any reduction in this is going to be felt at the front – although one point of damage may not be felt all that much.

In a surprise move, the Japanese make a ballsy attack on Calcutta, striking at a supply convoy unloading in the harbour.

The small force at Kiangtu once again throws itself our our forces.

The next wave of Marshall Islands invasions has finally begun, and those fortresses are killing us. I'll be glad when the last one of them is in our hands.

And by us, I mean these poor bastards.