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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 414: Operational Report: 24/01/43

The Japanese subs continue to prowl off the west coast, but we're finding them regularly now.

We still have some dud torpedoes around it seems.

The Greyback is not put off, and makes an attacks on the surface to much more effect.

The enemy sweep Finschhafen with Zero's, but with little effect.

The Japanese try for Eniwetok once more, this time they bring a battleship.

While their thrice dammed naval fortress continues to hammer us.

What. The. Hell.

The only thing I can think of here is that these ships have decided to take a stupid route back to pearl, having changed it since I last looked.

That sound is my head bouncing off the computer desk.

It looks like we won't take Kwajalein either.

But at least Mili is in our reach, its going to be bloody, but at least we should be able to hold the island.

There is another attack on Darwin, which plays out in the same old way.

The ongoing battle for Kiangtu continues to see futile Japanese attacks.

And our own counter attacks.

We also make an attack on Nanking, but the terrain and our lack of supplies slows our advance.

God dam it, there goes another battleship! Time to get the carriers out into the area to see if we can engage their Japanese counterparts. I doubt they will get there in time, but its worth having a go at least.