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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 415: Operational Report: 25/01/43

A Japanese submarine starts the day with a ferocious surface attack, hitting our ship with cannon and machine gun fire.

The I-171 the makes an unsuccessful torpedo attack on another ship.

There is another attack on Akyab.

There is little activity in the air of the DEI, but our Beuforts make another attack on the Japanese shipping in the area.

They can't hit anything with any regularity, but they at least try.

The Japanese are attacking Hong Kong!

With their carriers.
After this bazaar oddity, the normal pattern of attacks begins.

Once more, we counter attack, with some good results.

The Japanese continue to be held by our smaller force.

We make some attacks in the south, with moderate losses on both sides.

Near Foochow, we send the Japanese forces retreating north, and clear up some of their support units.

At Mili, the Japanese turn the guns of their naval fortress upon our troops.

Well, what they think were our troops. Our boys continue to to push on them, making some ground. In the aftermath of the Japanese mistake.

There seems to be a lull going on, which I'm happy for. (not least because it makes doing these turns quicker.) We should be seeing some action in Burma soon, as the men at Akyab are finally at 39 of 46 miles of travel.