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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 416: Operational Report: 26/01/43

The I-29 takes out one of our sub hunters, but is battered in return.

While Akyab port is bombed once more.

Knowing the bulk of our men are going to be on them soon, the Japanese make another attempt to push our vanguard out of the beach head.

We have a couple of B-17's at Finschhafen, and they make an attack on Rabaul today. The Imperial Air Force have other ideas however.

They make a return visit, which is just as dumb an idea.

The Japanese artillery at Mili seems to have terminally bad aim.

We capitalize on this, take this fortress and the island with it!

I claw back a bit of respectability!

I've assembled a sizeable force near Chengchow, and we take it for the fourth (?) time in the war.

There is no Japanese attack at Kiangtu today, so we make up for it with out own.

We continue to hound the Canton Special Base Force and attached units.

That was a good day in China, we've not had one like that in a while, and taking Milli is a nice step as well.
I've got them moving up. The supplies now (slowly) flying into Shanghai seem to be being absorbed in repairing the bombers, so its going to be a fair while before the Shanghai Express takes to the air once more.