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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 418: Operational Report: 28/01/43

There is still a smattering of fire coming from the enemy positions on Kwajalien Island.

The men there are firmly dug in, and its become costly to taken even the smallest of their strongholds on the island.

Eliminating the last pockets on Mili is proving to be very time consuming as well.

The first sign we see of any planes in the air today is in the afternoon over Akyab, as the Imperial Air Force makes a poor showing aiming for the port once more.

Once more, the brave tankers on the other side of the river hold off ten times their number in Japanese soldiers. Its infuriating how long it has taken the rest of the troops to cross this river, but they should be across any day now.

Planes from Rabaul make a raid on Shortlands, but cause little damage to anything of use there.

Once more, the Japanese forces at Kiangtu throw themselves at our defences.

While we repay the favour.

The Japanese also make an attack in the south near Chuhsien.

Our own attack to the east goes well.

Our forces near Nanning are forced to retreat once more, and I hope that they can hold the advancing Japanese forces.

We now have a lot of stalemates in the conflicts, but I hope to break that, fresh meat troops are being sent into the grinder Marshal Islands! I just need a day to get past the fact I used the automatic add ship function and it added something with 3500 endurance. So by tomorrow the real loading will begin!

The aircraft carriers will be in the area in the next day, and we can see a whole load of targets for them to sink.
Lets hope tomorrow is interesting!