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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 421: Operational Report: 31/01/43

Our ships at Kwajalein take more damage from that god dam naval battery.

The Japanese make another strike at our carriers, but lose a load of planes trying.

While our own attack on the Japanese ships at Ailinglaplap loses a good number of the bombers for no hits.

The same thing happens when we bomb the runway at Maloelap.

We are luckier in the afternoon thankfully.

The fighting at Mili is slower today, but we seem to be wearing the Japanese down – just look at those modifiers!

Our first troops have arrived at New Britain, and they are greeted by a Betty strike, which fortunately misses all of our ships.

Their next wave is much more effective, stroking the oddly named Tweedback.

More waves come in, and more ships are hit, the Japanese are really not happy we're landing troops this close to Rabaul.

But landing troops we are, and the come ashore in droves.

The battle for Kiangtu continues apace.

The Japanese forces seem to think nothing about attacking forces much larger than theirs.

Time to pull the carriers back I think, they need to replenish their planes after a good haul followed by a bad day against the Japanese fighters.

More troops heading to Eniwetok! Good, the boys there are getting board.