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Part 422: Operational Report: 01/02/43

The Bettys return to our ships unloading at Gasmata, and we get lucky once more.

The Japanese continue to send everything they have at our ships.

Somehow the number of planes we see today is much lower than yesterday, for which I'm grateful for.

At Gasmata, we start to clear the defenders from the defences.

Akyab is struck hard today, but as we're not using the runway, it bothers me not.

The big news from the area is that the men at Akyab have finally crossed the river!

This costs them a large number of men, but they are across, and can rest up for a few days now. I'll organise a supply drop for them.
The Japanese move some tanks up to Shwebo, and our men there blow the thinly armoured things to pieces, and send the Japanese packing!

Wuhu has seen several days of low level fighting, but I've not really reported it, as its mainly like this.

Kiangtu, however, is always worth reporting.

A quiet day today, as troops move around and the fury of last month settles down. At least I've got the end of month report to keep you all entertained.
If you like numbers, that is.

This one is going to be painful lets get started, as the numbers are not going to lie. January was a Bad Month.

As you can see, the Japanese have increased their lead by 2273 points. This is a fair increase, and wipes out our gains on the last of the year.
I think we all know why.

As you can see, its not from bases, we retook five bases over the last month, which closes us down to near parity.

Although, oddly enough, the value of our land has dropped massively. I think our grunts are doing something to property values in the area.
Maybe its the number of new graveyards we've had to put up in the last month.

We lost 1500 points worth of troops to the Japanese 1000, or 11% and 7.5% of all losses in the previous 14 months of war.

Ship wise, we lost 56 ships, or 8% of the wars total, and we confirmed the sinking of 37 Japanese ships, or 5% of their total losses. This is a bloody month for both sides, and makes a noticeable increase on the graph.

Although not as noticeable as that. The 1519 points of ships lost this month is a whopping 18% of all the ships lost in the war! This may have something to do with the number of battleship sized reef's I've helped to create.
The Japanese have lost 274 points a paltry 3% of their war losses.

Now for something more positive!

While we lost 400 planes this month, the Japanese losses total 678!