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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 427: Operational Report: 06/02/43

Another Japanese sub raises its head and cripples one of our ships.

The bombers attacking Gasmata get a hit today in their first wave.

Their other waves are less successful.

At Shortlands, we start pressuring the Japanese defenders again.

The Japanese carriers near Eniwetok pick on our destroyers again.

The don't get it all their own way however.

While our troops at Kwajalein start up their campaign again, their reinforcements will be arriving tomorrow, so we should see this battle ending fairly soon.

Mili also sees the clean up operation start again, a week at this rate should see the island in our hands.

We come across a Japanese submarine operating near San Francisco, and drive it off.

Far in the north of China, near the Gobi Desert, the Japanese have amassed a massive force, much more than they need to crush this small outpost.

While we take more losses at Kiangtu, the Japanese forces will be worse off in the long run.

Our forces outside Akyab start up again, they are still disrupted, but we should grind through the Japanese defenders as we did in the city proper.

Another quiet day in the air, but the ground war continues. The attacks in Burma are going to be bloody once more, but they are necessary to prevent deadlock.