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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 429: Operational Report: 08/02/43

The raids on Gasmata start with a few Betty's.

This is followed by two squadrons of Lilys with fighter support.

The afternoon raid goes poorly for us, as they get bomb hits on two of the transports.

The Japanese try and break the wall of fire the battleships have put up around Kwajailen.

While the carrier planes attack those destroyers who seem to be going nowhere.

Although, they are acting as a good distraction, I'd rather lose a few destroyers than a troop filled transport.

The fresh troops landing at Kwajalein help us to begin to bust through the Japanese defences. This puts the invasion back on track.

There is more fighting around Kiangtu as the Japanese launch yet another attack.

We're into another planning period, so not much to report on, troops at Suva are now planning for the invasion of Rabaul, once we have ground troops in position. The Akyab forces are resting up, and may need to do so for several weeks. For now, they are going onto bombardment orders, but are low on supplies.