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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 430: Operational Report: 09/02/43

The Japanese return to Eniwetok, and fan favourite, the Yamashiro leads the way.

While those destroyers pull more fire on themselves.

The Imperial Air Force then comes in at Eniwetok, causing minimal damage.

Supported by the carriers hitting the unused airfield.

The bloody work of securing Kwajalein continues today.

But at least we have a breakthrough at Mili. After this attack, the few remaining support staff surrender to our forces, and the island is finally under our complete control.

There is a fighter sweep over Finschaffen, but no planes are lost.

The ships that took the troops to Gasmata have moved off now, but the Japanese forces continue to hound them.

The Japanese continue to push their exhausted troops to attack Kiangtu, with poor results.

Another attack in the Chuhsien region loses 250 Japanese soldiers for not one of our own.

While our own attack to the east does well as well.

Things are starting to look up in the Marshals, the Japanese have landed no troops in Eniwetok, so that was a bombardment raid by the looks of things.
Everything else is progressing slowly, but this is still early in the war, and I'm being a lot more aggressive than historically.