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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 433: Operational Report: 12/02/43

The Nautilus comes under attack near Rabaul.

The planes at Milne Bay once again decide they would rather sit on the ground rather than take to the air.

There are more ineffectual raids on our ships at Kwajalein.

While our troops pay the price to further reduce the Japanese defences.

We get some more planes in the air at the start of the air battle over Cox's Bazar today, but the Japanese send even more fighters in support.

The battle for Kiangtu continues.

In the south, we are moving on a small remnant of Imperial power.

We're slowly making advances on Kwajalein, but most fronts were quiet today. We're in another planning phase. This is going to be a bit dull for a few week's I'm afraid.
The carriers have replenished their planes, and are heading back into the Marshal's, and I'm loading troops to take Maleolap. This is the last major base in the Marshals, and taking it will effectively end the campaign.