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Part 436: Operational Report: 15/02/43

Another one of our subs is forced to make a surface attack after its torpedoes turn out to be duds.

The Blackfish is much luckier, although I will point out that four of these torpedoes are also duds.

The Sally's have another crack at our battleships, but cannot hit them.

Eniwetok is apparently the new target for daily Japanese bombing raids, they really do like pounding single targets repeatedly.

The campaign to clear out the remaining troops at Kwajalein goes well, and we secure the remains of the island.

Milne Bay is hit by bombers once more. The damage they can do here is minimal, so I don't mind them burning supplies to do this.

Shortlands sees another day of fighting, but its time to give our guys a rest, and we also need to replace some of their commanders.

The battle in the north continues to heat up, as the Japanese march 22,000 men into Kaifeng to attack out troops there. While their force is, on paper, superior to ours, our men fight hard and cut the Japanese down in swaths as they try and cross the farmland to attack the men in the city.

Then our men counter attack, and things go horribly wrong for our forces. What we deal to them, they deal to us tenfold.

In the south, things go much better for us.

Well, somewhat better, it seems that today is a bad day to make attacks.

Owch, those were some nasty losses in China, time to try and rest our men as much as possible. I think we have lost Kiafeng, as the Japanese have 70,000 men in the region, and we're down to 30,000 or less.
I'm moving the ships at Kwajailen out today, we have the island, and there is no point in risking ships. They have plenty of supplies, and will last until we have secured the whole area.

Bold Robot posted:

I've asked this a couple times, as have others, and we have never gotten an answer.

its been answered several times as well.

Basically its a stalemate, I don't have the AV to wear them down, they don't have the forces to attack. so both sides sit there staring at each other. I'm moving fresh troops to the area, but that takes time, then its going to be back to the bloodshed.