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Part 437: Operational Report: 16/02/43

A Japanese sub makes an attack on one of our patrols, but misses thankfully.

More planes are seen over Milne Bay as the Japanese continue their bombing campaign.

After a month of repairs and attempted resupplying, I've ordered the Shanghai Express to the air once more.

Eniwetok is struck again, but our boys get a measure of revenge.

The daily report for Kiangtu are in, another pointless Japanese attack is beaten back.

Our disastrous counter attack yesterday at Kaifeng leaves us open for the Japanese assault today. our men surrender in their thousands, and half the force is lost.

We do tie up some more Japanese troops in Indochina today though, as we take Lang Son, which will force the Japanese to move troops to retake it.

Another brutal day in China, and the rest of the areas are quiet for now. I'm not sure how often the Shanghai Express will be running, but at least their up and causing some damage to the enemy. At this time we need every point we can get. We're currently 11,000 points adrift and its increasing almost every day.

The carriers should be in the Marshall's tomorrow or the day after, hopefully we can catch some more Japanese supply ships in their net.

Intel now reports the Hiei is not sunk. But we never really thought that she was. As we've not seen the list of sunk ships in a while, were are the capital ships sunk as of now.

Cruisers coming tomorrow. I need something to pad the quiet days out with.