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Part 438: Operational Report: 17/02/43

We get a hit on a Japanese supply ship operating off the coast of Japan.

Today's raid on Milne Bay is much larger than previous raids, but still the damage caused is minimal.

There is a minor fighter raid over Darwin today, but no tasty bombers to shoot down.

Those come in a later raid, and the distracted Zero pilots are cut down as well.

The Japanese make a push at Nanking today, and looking at the numbers here, I should go on the offensive as quickly as possible.

The Battles at Wuhu continue, they are all low level and not very interesting.

The carriers will be reaching the Marshall's tomorrow, I saw some scout reports today, but no actual attacks. If the scouts are to be believed, then we're about to run into at least 8 ships.
Of mild interest is the three cargo ships we added today, one is the ship torpedoed off Japan, tow others are from February and June, at least letting us know I have defiantly hurt the enemy more than the score sheet tells us.

Another of the invasion fleets makes it back to Pearl for repairs. Only two of these ships need shipyard repairs, and the Washington will be back in action in 13 days.

Here are losses/kills in the cruiser class.


MORE troops heading to Eniwetok? The Japanese really don't know when to quit. That's my island, and they are never getting it. The men there are used to the smell now and have begun to make their camps from the bones of dead Japanese soldiers.