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Part 439: Operational Report: 18/02/43

Oh shit, I think that they are really going for Eniwetok today.

Wait! I have all the carriers about 200 miles to the south, in definate interception range if the second Yamato Class battleship is willing to hang around.
The Japanese must know this, as they make a play for the Yorktown, but only three of the bombers make it through the CAP, and only one can even get bombs near the carrier.

Our own bombers break through the CAP near Ailinglaplap.

Then go to town on the ships there.

I'll trade two wildcats for two, maybe four, enemy ships any day. We also raid Maloelap airfield, but the ratio is less impressive there.

As evening rolls around, the Japanese launch yet another assault on Eniwetok in what may well turn out to be the worst timed invasion in history.

Not that the boys on the ground need any support from the Navy's flyboys.

We see another attack at Milne Bay, but this wave of bombers causes nor receives no damage.

The second wave causes only minor runway damage.

A small detachment of the Shanghai express takes to the air, causing some minor damage to the shipyard in Nagasaki.

We launch a series of Assaults across china today, starting with the Chuhsein region.

Wuhu sees another minor battle.

Even with three levels of fortifications in Kiangtu, the Japanese still take heavy losses from our attack.

While the attack on Nanking is nowhere near as vigorous as I wanted, with all those advantages, and less than 300 casualties, the commander there is shirking.

Right! Carriers north as quickly as possible! If there is even the slightest chance of catching the Musashi on her own, I'm dam well going to take it!

Full speed ahead and ready the torpedoes! - its good to see we also have subs in the area. I think she will be long gone, but its at least worth a go.