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Part 440: Operational Report: 19/02/43

The Japanese continue to land troops at Eniwetok, now resupplied by the troops that surrendered or were butchered yesterday, our boys open fire on their ships with deadly accuracy.

Two more waves come in, losing about 100 men apiece. Dawn arrives, and our men open fire on the ships once more.

The carriers, for some unknown reason, decide not to send any planes out, but the men on Eniwetok show no such mercy.

The remaining Japanese soldiers are wiped out, I ask not why there are never any prisoners.

The Shanghai Express comes in once more, and does a little more damage to the shipyards, and we even take out one of the defending planes.

Another good day over Darwin.

The Japanese make another attack on Kiangtu, which goes poorly. We then counter attack, which costs us somewhat, but we destroy more enemy squads.

While the fighting near Chuhsien is more deadly than it has been of late.

After some harsh words, the men at Nanking make an attack that is a little more to my liking.

Fighting flares up a Shortlands.

The Japanese have moved up another Division into Shwebo, this one is better than the last, and holds against our attack.

Well, no battleship, but not a bad day, more Japanese troops are wiped out, and the bombardment of Japan is continuing.
The carriers are heading back through the Marshall's, then Japanese Battleship having gotten away.

farraday posted:

Maybe most Marines, but these are Eniwetok Marines.

They were probably trying to direct shots to where they're trying constructing the beer* cellar. No reason not to get help doing the excavating.

*Beer made from blood of sharks killed with their bare teeth

Actually, Eniwetok is garrisoned by the men of the 161st Infantry regiment, (numbering 4,083 men, 64 gun and 95 vehicles) supported by the 3rd Marine Defense Battalion of Artillery. (1586 men, 51 guns.)

You USMC lovers may have to re-evaluate your chest beating.