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Part 441: Operational Report: 20/02/43

The Japanese continue to force their men ashore at Eniwetok, presumably at gunpoint.

Actually, defiantly at gunpoint. They may be our guns, but its now the island or the sinking ship.

The Japanese opt for the sinking ship rather than the blasted island of bones and once-men. This leaves them at the mercy of our carrier based aircraft.

Having failed in their invasion, the Japanese send out the Betty bombers to hit the island, but the carriers spot them and intercept. Much carnage ensues.

The Scorpion is a new sub, and this is not a good start for her.

The bombers go for Finschhafen today, and we meet them in the air.

They send in some Sallys, which make it through to the airfeild.

One of our anti sub patrols gets a hit today, the combat report mentions taking on water, so that sounds positive.

The Shanghai Express makes its daily run, causing minor damage once more.

The battle for Kiangtu continues apace. We do well in both attacks, and are slowly, ever so slowly, grinding them down.

We also continue our attack at Nanking. Losing more droops but destroying more squads.

We're making good ground now, after last months terrible scores, its nice to have things going our way. The last three days have all seen our score increase! Only by about 50 points a day, but its something.
For anyone wondering why I have no political points, this is why, I've been trying to get rid of the cuttlefish for months now.

I'm working on this, but its going to take some time.