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Part 442: Operational Report: 21/02/43

There is a major attack on Cox's Bazar today, we come off well in the losses stake, but the airfield is hammered.

This is a serious series of raids, and the airfield is not going to be in a good state after this.

Milne bay is attacked by a large force of Japanese bombers, but the actual damage is minimal.

The fighting for Shortlands continues to move along, slowly but surely.

The Japanese make a surprise attack on Tarawa, something they have not done in months.

Some of their other planes make an attack on the Wasp, and are cut to pieces. This also protects the Maloelap invasion force, who we can see to the east.

We also interdict the airfield on the island, just to make sure.

There is another attack on Darwin, and it plays out the normal way.

The Seawolf makes an attack on Japanese convoy on the coast of Japan.

More combat reports from Kiangtu have come in.

Not much to say for today, the invasion of Maleolap should start tomorrow.