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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 443: Operational Report: 22/02/43

The second invasion of Maloelap begins today, and once more the blasted coastal fortress opens up.

We land troops, but the losses are heavy.

All the while, those guns on the short continue to fire.

The Japanese make an attack on the Yorktown, only one bomber makes it into bombing range, and that is picked off by the flak gunners on the carrier.

Our own bombers strike the airfield at Maleolap.

The fortress continues to fire upon our ships.

The fighting on the island is brutal, but three of the five Japanese units on the islands are wiped out, and we have more troops to come ashore tomorrow.

There are some more attacks on Milne Bay.

The Shanghai Express makes another trip, but no damage is done to either side.

While the Seawolf uses up another of our dud torpedoes.

As normal, here are the reports of Kiangtu.

While the Japanese make an attack on our men at Nanking, losing a large number of their combat squads.

We counter attack with minimal success.

Those god dammed naval fortresses, but the cost must be paid. I've not lost five battleships to let up the attack now! The rest of the fronts are fairly quiet, apart from China and the constant fighting north of Shanghai.

I've ordered the men near Akyab to begin their attack one more, so let see what a couple of weeks of resting will do to the situation.