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Part 444: Operational Report: 23/02/43

The amount of fire coming from the Maleolap fortress is reduced today, but still causes us some damage.

When dawn comes, their aim becomes more accurate.

The fighting on Maloelap goes very poorly for us, as the heavily entrenched Japanese fight back.

The Guardfish makes a torpedo attack on a Japanese destroyer, then escapes without coming under attack.

The Captain circles around and tries again, but this time is not as lucky.

Milne bay is attacked by what I think is all the Japanese bombers in the region.

The Seawolf comes on a wounded freighter, but her dodgy torps stop her from finishing it off.

The Shanghai Express makes another attack, and has a good day, causing twice the damage of previous days.

The Japanese make an attack on Cox's Bazar, but our boys have a number of planes in the air, ready to engage the enemy.

We have less to meet the next wave, but we are still able to make the Japanese forces pay for their attacks.

And they keep on coming.

The attack on Akyab goes in, and its a brutal as expected, they will rest a day to try and recover the disabled units then hit the Japanese forces harder.

The live ammunition training of our pilots at Darwin continues. I will have to thank the Japanese for continuing to send in the targets.

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese launch a very ill advised attack.

Our Kiangtu attack takes some heavy losses, and I may try and rest them for a few days before trying again. Not that the Japanese will allow us to.

Not a good day, we've taken some heavy losses in the key battles we have going on. Hopefully the men at Maloelap will do better when they have more men ashore.
Here is a quick update for the leading pilots.

Wigglesworth needs a rest, so I'm sorting that for a few days. Apart from that, there is little for me to do today.