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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 445: Operational Report: 24/02/43

The Haddock is attacked by a ASW patrol, but takes no damage.

The Japanese bombers hit Gasmata today for a change.

Their several waves come in a hit the runway there.

We make a strike on Rabaul, and find our how many fighters the Japanese have waiting for us – which is pretty much every type they have.

The Shanghai Express is improving its aim, it seems.

The Japanese bombers target Akyab today, which I prefer.

More planes drop into the ocean around Darwin.

The Japanese make another attack at Nanking, which our exhausted and disorganised troops fend off.

We launch an attack near Chuhsien, but the Japanese are ready for it, and once more, our troops are to tired to fight well.

We make some progress at Wuhu, reducing the fortifications and break into the next layer. This long standing battle may soon come to a conclusion.

The brutal fighting yesterday seems to have taken the fight out of the Japanese forces at Maloelap, as you can see, only the men defending the airforce have any fight left in them.

We destroy another unit, and have hopefully swung the battle.

China needs to rest, apart from Wuhu, where we need to push our advantage. Apart from that, we're making ground.
There will be no more attacks on Rabaul until I can move some fighters in for support. They will need to be in Gasmata to be in range, I'm moving them now.

We lost three ships at Maloelap today, from cumulative damage from the naval fortress. We gain the heavy cruiser Atago and a mini sub in the combat report. So we gained 100 points on the Japanese today.