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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 446: Operational Report: 25/02/43

Not all resistance in Maloelap has been extinguished yet, and we take more fire from the shore.

Near Eniwetok the Guardfish comes under attack, why there is a Japanese escort this far out is a question – is there a larger ship they are protecting.

There is another brutal day of battle at Maloelap, where we trade a large number of men and guns to destroy two more Japanese units.

The Japanese switch targets back to Milne Bay today, as they randomly pay visits to our airfields.

They also strike at Port Moresby, which has weaker defences since I have moved my fighters forwards to support my bombers.

Cox's Bazar comes under attack again, and we get over thirty fighters into the air, and manage, for the most part, to protect the airfield.

The Shanghai express misses its targets today, and the flak is especially heavy.

The Japanese are not letting us rest at Kiangtu.

We continue to push at Wuhu, breaking through the last of their defences. Another attack could shatter them.

Some progress is being made, but it seems that we're going to have to pay for it. The carriers are returning to Pearl, after which, the push on Rabaul can be planned.