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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 447: Operational Report: 26/02/43

The Guardfish meets up with a defensive force guarding a couple of enemy battleships. Some accurate depth charges damages the sub and pay well prevent he from making it home.

These battleships begin to shell the island, this causes some losses amongst the men, but less than may be expected, as they seem to be targeting the port and airfield.

They land troops, but the defensive guns make them pay for it, although not as much as we have paid to land forces on Maloelap.

Then we continue to rain fire upon the few remaining troops on the shore.

The Japanese attack our forces unloading at Maloelap, but their level bombers cannot hit our ships.

Another unit is wiped out on the island itself, bringing our control of the island one step closer.

The Japanese make for Milne Bay once more, but the damage is minimal.

The ongoing battle for Kiangtu continues. The men are exausted, but continue to fight.

We continue to wear down the Japanese forces at Wuhu.

While a single gun crew on the Indochina border flees from a Japanese division.

The fierce fighting around Akyab continues.

The Burma campaign is really turning out to be a bloody slog fest. And the Japanese break 40,000 points today.

The bloody navel fortresses are killing presidents now!