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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 448: Operational Report: 27/02/43

Our gunners at Eniwetok continue to give the Japanese hell.

The battle of attrition at Maloelap continues, with three units destroyed today, one of them being ours!

Milne Bay gets another visit from the Japanese, who are burning more fuel.

Cox's Bazar comes under attack once more, and once more we get a good number of planes into the air. The Japanese planes fall from the air in great numbers.

There is a second wave, which goes much more into the Japanese favour.

After that, we can get no more planes up to meet them, and the waves start coming in thick and fast, but their aim is poor.

The men at Akyab continue their bloody work, a deliberate attack seemingly more effective than an all our assault.

The Shanghai Express pays another ineffective visit to the mainland.

Yet another raid fails to get to the airfield at Darwin, and we take the toll of planes once more.

South of Chuhsien, we have a good day as we strike at the Japanese forces there.

To the east, we do less well, but continue to reduce the enemy forces in the area.

The day's fighting at Kiangtu is much bloodier than normal today.

We have another good day today, even if casualties are running higher than I'd like. We shot down three whole squadrons worth of planes today, which would hurt the enemy, if they had not the quantum flux technology that allows them to mass produce them.

I'm ordering a deliberate attack at Sinyang, as its been quiet, and my current Intel reports say that there are 17 units with 2500 men, so I want to see the real numbers.